How it Works

How does work?

Through our platform, you can sign up for free and add your services for prices starting from US$5. Buyers will be able to browse the site, and request your service directly. The site will act as your platform of communications to protect both buyers and sellers at all times.

Service Providers:

To add your service or product, you need to register on the site for FREE, and create your job/service (known as a gig”). Ensure that you abide to the terms of the site and that your service doesn’t violate any IP or other copyrights.

The site administrators will review the service offerings and once approved your service will be published. The review process can take up to 24 working hours. Please be patient.

If your service is not approved, you will be notified via the site communication system.

When a user requests your service or product, you will be notified by email, and on the site messaging system.

You must communicate effectively with the buyer, and ensure that you both are in agreement on the service to be provided.

Once you complete your service delivery, click on complete order, and the system will inform the buyer to collect their purchased service/product.

Once the buyer accepts the delivery, and is happy or once three (3) days has past, the system will mark the order as complete, and your funds will be available for you to withdraw. Please note that you need to have collected at least $15 before you can make a withdrawal request.

All withdrawals are done through PayPal, so ensure that you have a working PayPal account. For larger amounts, you can request to withdraw via a bank transfer. The minimum amount for bank transfers is US$50.

Please note that the site will discount all funds by 20% as site fees and commissions. So for each $5 you well, the site will keep $1 (20%).

If for some reason, you and/or the buyer decide to cancel the order before (or after delivery if you both agree), all funds related to the order will be returned to the buyer account.


Start by browsing the site, and search for the services you are looking for.

Read carefully the service description to make sure you understand what the service offering is exactly to avoid any problems with the service fulfillment.

It is very advisable to read through other buyers experience and ratings about the seller and the provided service to get a better insight before you make your purchase.

Once you find a service you like, click on the order button, and check what additional options you require. Some services have “extras” that you can order, and others allow you to make “multiple orders” of the same service.

Ensure that you always contact the seller if you have any questions or need further details about the service they are offering you before you place an order.

Once the order is completed, you need to make the payment for the total amount of the service requested. You can make the payment via PayPal instantly, or via your bank account transfer. Please note that if you pay via a bank transfer, your order will only be processed by the seller after the funds have been received and credited to your account.

You need now to communicate with the seller, and provide them with the information they need to fill your order and deliver to you properly.

If the seller doesn’t deliver within the time frame they specify on their job/gig page, you have the option to either wait for delivery or cancel the gig. If you do cancel, your funds will be returned to your account, and can be used to purchase other gigs or services.

Once you have received the service, and your order is marked as completed, please always take a moment to rate the service and provide feedback so that other buyers will benefit from your experience with the sellers.

In the event, that a seller should mark an order as completed without making a delivery as promised, or at all, please contact support immediately with your order details, and include the name of the seller, and the gig URL. The site administrators will take immediate actions to resolve the issue, and refund your money if necessary.